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Joy Vertz

Shoot The Moon Photography
Portrait Photographer
Milwaukee, WI
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Joy’s photography experience starts more than a dozen years ago. From a one-person shop run out of her basement, Joy has grown her studio into two locations, where she and her staff now handle more than 700 shoots annually and have clients across the nation.

Her Midwestern charm could melt snow, but her mind is always looking at long-term results and bottom lines. Joy's approach keeps a balance between the sprint and the marathon. Years of systematically conquering her own personal and professional challenges has taught her that every problem has a strategy to match. No matter how hectic the situation, Joy will keep momentum and finish with finesse.

She firmly believes that no matter what stage your business is in, there are simple and effective steps you can take to make it a success, as defined by YOU! The hardest part is getting started – that’s where Joy really shines her brightest. Let her help you get going on the journey to profitability, creativity, and true SUCCESS!

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, March 4

3:00pm EST